All Better

So all of our friends, family and future guests stop worrying, Rich is ALL BETTER. After 1 week of zika symptoms, he is 100% again. But of course our public conversation about Rich’s zika made some of our friends push back their first visit to the island. Don’t get me wrong, there are certain groups of people who should worry more than others, like pregnant women, those trying to get pregnant, those with compromised immune systems and the elderly, there are plenty of precautions you can take, some of which we didn’t have the opportunity to use. I will also say that by the end of August, you are probably just as likely to contract zika in NY, FL, or other mosquito havens around the US. So, why stay home when you can enjoy a beautiful Caribbean island that you’ve never been to before?

If anything the worst outcome of Rich having zika was that he was unable to make some meetings and keep up with our pretty hectic schedule as we work towards opening our business. Luckily I am confident driving around the area of Glanvillia, Picard and some of Portsmouth so I could get myself to some of those meetings as necessary.

So it’s another week, where we juggle
– becoming residents
– starting a business
– planning / building a house (from scratch)
– living a fulfilling life

I am a total work-a-holic (thanks mom) and Rich is happy to go with the flow of productivity when he has a task or directive to follow. The first 3 items on that list are all tedious processes with so many steps it would make your head spin, so we try to pepper in ‘living a fulfilling life’ to keep ourselves sane. There is a necessity to balance life, especially in a place where it might be easy to get caught up in an endless vacation or returning to a 24/7 mentality where an unproductive minute is toxic to ones future success. We make a point to get together with friends, nurturing those relationships while making sure we don’t lose sight of the big picture, which is our dream.

Yesterday we enjoyed a lazy Sunday, we went to Toucari to enjoy those soothing waters and some great free diving, we relaxed under the sun, and I tended to my seedlings. Today we started early, where I prepped for 2 Dive Masters who need retraining before becoming active PADI memebers again, then Rich and I went to Eaon’s to look into a bad malfunction in my regulator. Rich is still over there learning dive operation basics like filling tanks, servicing regulators, basic compressor maintenance and the like. I am just writing this quickly while getting ready to meet up with an architect to help draw up plans for our house and honeymoon suite. Another step forward, small as it might seem, I will happily take those little wins!

Tomorrow is a big day that I have yet to wrap my head around, but I’m sure it will be an adventure. Hopefully we can upload more photos tomorrow, I know we’ve been slacking while Rich was sick! And the weather and views have been killer recently!

Peace & Love

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