Starting at the beginning is so difficult sometimes, especially when you can’t tell the difference between where the dream ends and reality begins. So instead of starting at the beginning, we are just going to start, and tell our story while bringing you along on our journey.

As I write this, I am sitting on the deck of our in our beautiful hillside home in Glanvillia,  Portsmouth, Dominica, West Indies. Yes that photo above was taken from our outdoor living space. I would tell you to google the island but instead I will give you a little tour. Below is a map of the island, and where it is in relation to some other islands you may have actually heard of, like Martinique, Barbados, or St Lucia.

Dominca is known as the nature isle, the garden of eden, it claims the title of the most self sustainable country in the world and as of just a few days ago, this is our home. Who are we? Well, I’m Kayla, here with my husband Richard and our cats Dexter & Pierre, and a few days ago we landed on the island of Dominica not for the first time, but TO STAY. This didn’t happen overnight and we’ve got a lot of work to do now that we are here, but we couldn’t be more excited to see our longtime dream taking shape and becoming reality.

Moving sucks, and making any move with pets can be daunting but wait until you hear about our experience with international relocation and moving WITH CATS!

Of course we won’t just be blogging about the move itself, but our purpose for being here, why we chose this island, what our daily lives consist of as well as our experiences in building a new business and life in a foreign country, or more specifically a developing country who’s independence is barely older than my husband !

I wrote some blogs during our journey and will be posting them here to catch you up on various parts of our travels starting in Las Vegas where our little family had been living the last 3 years, and I will be updating this blog constantly with new stories, photos and videos from this wild adventure! So don’t worry you will get caught up on our story eventually, just know for now, that we have arrived!
I hope you enjoy following along, and perhaps someday soon you will join us in our piece of paradise!
Kayla & Richard


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