Pit Stop in Puerto Rico


Yesterday started at 2am when I woke up to pill the cats, trying yet another method of drugging my sweet babies so they stay calm and collected on the plane. They were cool at home, rolling around like drunk infants, falling all over themselves, but once they got in the carriers and in the car, it was noisy as hell. We got through the airport more quickly this time, feeling seasoned but not confident enough to call ourselves ‘pros’ at this. Once at the gate, I had to let Dexter out, and Pierre needed to stretch. It turns out Pierre has a full on opposite reaction to the kitty xanax, he gets aggressive, aggravated, and hyper, which is so not fun! Once on the plane we realized it would be a mostly empty flight so Rich and I took our own rows to try and calm the creatures and not let them feed off one another’s cries. Too bad that didn’t work either.

Even though Dexter hadn’t eaten or drank in over 12 hours, he managed another accident in his carrier – this time at least it was on the pee pad, however I didn’t have the baby wipes to clean him up. I was thrown into a frustrated tantrum while our plane was still at the gate, since our flight was delayed due to a missing pilot! I ran into 2 different bathrooms to dispose of the pee pad and try to calm and clean Dexter best I could. With an extra hour added to an already lengthy travel day I couldn’t help but break down. I cried with Dexter in my arms wishing I could make it easier on him, wishing I could make it easier on myself, but knowing I couldn’t make this trip without him, or Pierre for that matter.

I needed to do something, so I tried one of the kitty xanax – it is a human prescription after all. HOLY SHIT! What are they giving my cats!? 1mg had me loopy in 5 minutes and knocked me on my ass in 10. I took a nap with one ear open in case I heard real distress cries from Dexter, while Rich seemed to sleep right through Pierre’s constant yowling. They may have been loud but they weren’t really stressing, they weren’t panting, or breathing funny, just loud and annoying. We got someone to help us with our bags and getting a car to take us to our hotel which was luckily only about 10 min away. The Water Beach Club Hotel in San Juan is a place we had stayed before a few years ago before going to Vieques, and it turns out they are a pet friendly hotel! They were so helpful checking us and our cats in, and were very accommodating to our needs, they even had water and food bowls for them!

 Our buddies were pretty sober once we got them in the room, and the first scheduled activity was feeding them! The two devoured their food and promptly fell asleep, Pierre on the windowsill over the air conditioning unit Dexter on the bed. Rich went out to find the ultimate BBQ and I snuggled my fur babies while watching the waves sneak up the beach down below. What a relaxing view of the beach and ocean we had! I ordered room service and drank wine wondering when the next time would be that I would experience these luxuries.


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