Flying Private & Arriving in Dominica

As you may have read, I started this morning writing a blog before heading to the airport, I recounted our flight from NY to San Juan Puerto Rico and our night in a hotel with the cats trying to prep myself mentally for our final day of travel with just enough caffeine to cope. Of course this would be our ‘easiest’ day of travel, since we had practice and we were flying private! That’s right our spoiled cats got to fly on a private charter with us because we would never put them under the plane. They have a hard enough time traveling why would I make it worse and put them out of my sight!? We called every commercial airline that flies to Dominica and begged to buy full fare tickets for our little ones to no avail, luckily we found Island Birds charters and they were happy to take us, our two fur babies and about 300 lbs of luggage!

Before I stared writing this blog and drinking my coffee in the hotel restaurant Zest, I gave Dexter just 1/4 of a pill, hoping that the much lower dose would lessen his anxiety, and his accidents!

Around 10:50 am we left our hotel for the airport, we’re escorted upstairs to a quiet empty area with all our luggage where Richard took Pierre for a walk on his leash and I sat with Dexter until he saw a bird flying through the terminal at which time he took me on a stalking adventure. We hung out in our private gate area until our pilot arrived, a nice dude named Mike originally from Jersey now living in the Caribbean, livin’ the dream. We were escorted to a big passenger van, filled with our luggage and driven over to the tiny prop plane that would be delivering us to our equally petite island paradise.

After watching our luggage get jammed into every available crevasse of the plane nose, tail, backseat etc, we boarded with Dexter and Pierre on our laps. Pierre being wild one was confined to his carrier, but unlike his wild nature would have you think, he was quiet and calm even without any pills! Such a good boy! I unzipped Dexter’s sleepy pod and let him feel ‘free’. Keeping him in his harness made me feel a little more in control but mostly he was so well behaved, I even got him to go to sleep by playing with his ears. He only yowled a few times which the pilot said he could hear even through his noise cancelling headphones!

Two and a half hours later our little plane landed in a cloud covered but beautiful decent facing the ocean (Above is Richard and Pierre during our approach to Dominica) Obviously we were the only ones on our plane thus the only ones going through the airport, so immigration & customs was pretty easy and everyone seemed intrigued by the Americans with their cats coming to the island! Then we still had to pack up our rental car which ended up taking longer than expected with warm kitties in the car aching to get home. We drove the hour across the island from east to west and met up with our landlord who helped us find our duplex.

dexter-in-the-carUp on a hill in Glanvillia sits a pretty salmon colored two story house split by floors into two self contained apartments, the top of which will be our home for at least the next 2 months! It has a wrap around, covered deck, and beautiful views from all sides, but of course the best views are that of the Caribbean Sea, Prince Rupert Bay, and across the bay Fort Shirley and Cabrits National Park, which we can see from the deck, kitchen and our bedroom.




(I fell asleep)

Our first night we didn’t have a fan or anything to keep cool, so the kitties got cold showers and so did we. Of course we had to monitor the kitties to make sure the heat and humidity weren’t getting to them, and for a minute I was nervous enough about Dexter to call the vet back in Las Vegas and make sure I knew all the signs & symptoms of heat related problems and how best to solve them before we could buy a fan in the morning.


So it’s morning, Day 2 in Dominica, the cats are doing wonderfully, they love hanging out by the windows for the breeze and birds, they are getting extra water in their wet food, and have water bowls placed all around the house. In a few minutes we will make our first trip to Courts to buy a fan and some other small necessities for the house, before making another trip to the grocery for all the things we didn’t think of yesterday.

Now that the creatures are done with their travels, I can move on to more exciting blogs like life in Dominica, and how we are turning a dream into reality. Of course the travel part is something we’ve done a million times, but not these guys, and there really isn’t enough anecdotal information about traveling with cats!

Peace & Love


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