Rain, Rain, More Rain

I’ve been up since 7am which is late for me. Since we’ve arrived I’ve been waking up between 5-6:30am around when the sun comes up and starting my day with freshly ground cinnamon and coffee with a teaspoon or so of coconut oil.

This morning I can only assume it was the gloom that kept me in bed, that and the cool breeze and white noise of rain coming in waves that blanket our hillside and make Cabrits National Park invisible.

 It poured on and off all night, heavy fat droplets of rain that beat on our roof and the sides of the house, sloshing down on the leaves of every tree and thirsty bush creating a deafening cacophony. If it weren’t for complete exhaustion, or my comfort falling asleep to loud noises, living over a fire station in New York City, living next to one in LA, living on the strip in Las Vegas, and even my parents house is inundated with the sounds of peepers, birds, cicadas, and other hidden creatures during the spring and summer.

I’ve been outside for almost 4 hours, reading a book, listening to the rain watching my own depth of field retract and expand as the rain comes down harder then, lets up for a minute, just enough for the sun to illuminate the world under the clouds. Wearing warm yoga pants, and open weave sweater, I am actually contemplating putting on a real sweatshirt and bringing a blanket outside. I can’t help but think that if this was my ‘vacation’ I might be perturbed by the downpour, but I LOVE IT. I love the sounds, the temperature, the drastic change in everything even the colors of green that we see in every direction we look.

Scrabble, maybe a move, organizing boxes we have yet to unpack, try new recipes, snuggle while the temperature allows it, there are plenty of indoor activities we can do today! Richard is still sleeping, enjoying the delayed sunrise, and I am sitting here hoping it will be like this all day, that it won’t burn off, a thought I can’t believe I am having. We didn’t move here to stay inside, but as an east coaster I love my rainstorms, thunder, lightening, endless clouds and endless rain, and a reason to get cozy, who doesn’t like that!

 It’s definitely not the kind of day you hope for when you are visiting or vacationing but for us it’s a welcome change. I know it’s in the forecast for the next few days at least, so I’m just hoping it doesn’t interfere with the trips to Roseau we need to make!

 Stay Salty


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