A Day in Toucari Bay

Toucari Bay, you already know we are in love with the waters here. If you’ve been reading this blog or know Richard and I personally, well you know that this is where we intend to live and build our business, and Toucari Bay is where I plan to hold my confined and open water dives for beginner students, as well as the advanced course, rescue course, and awesome specialties like Deep Diver Specialty, Drift Dive Specialty, Fish ID, Night Diver Specialty, Nitrox and many more. This site is unique in that it can be accessed via beach or boat, kayak or SUP and by all levels of divers from beginner students to advanced deep divers!
On one side there is a tiny wreck, swim throughs, and beautiful outcroppings of coral reef surrounded by sea grass (a spot I’ve dubbed secret garden) in the middle crystal clear sandy bottom, and on the other side rocky reefs that take you to another world. Between Douglas Bay and Toucari Bay is what we call ‘The Back Wall’. It’s a vibrant
When the current is right you can drift from one bay to the other, or enjoy the length of the wall and cross diagonally up to really feel it’s enormity since the vis here is usually incredible, easily 60+ feet.
This day we spent almost all our in water time on The Back Wall! It’s beautiful, vibrant rocky reef system so unique you’ve just got to come to Dominica and experience it for yourself. You can snorkel , skin dive, freedive and SCUBA dive this spot from right off the beach (well, either beach I guess) or from a boat, paddle board or kayak. I’ve seen so many spotted eagle rays at this site I could sit staring out into the ‘blue water’ all day long. The ‘blue water’ is what I call the abyss, where you can’t see the bottom or anything for that matter, just water. To me it is the most calming and serene aspects of the ocean, though some find it terrifying. So, this video starts in the blue water, and then brings you to the back wall between Toucari & Douglas Bay where Richard and I give you a tour as deep as 35 feet and back to the surface, we’ve got a lot more to explore and a lot more to show you once I tank up!
I could snorkel or dive that bay everyday, which I guess is why we thought settling there would be ideal.
Luckily while we sort out our home and business situation, the house we are living in is just a short (10-15min) drive to Toucari and we’ve been going often, enjoying the vibrant and abundant life in all forms, mapping our favorite spots, playing with our new gopros and knekt gear! Not to mention we forage for the best mangos at this beach!
We hope you enjoy this latest video where we explore the Back Wall as we call it, the peninsula between Douglas Bay and Toucari Bay, you can see both bays in the video as well as the expanse, the blue water, beautiful coral and sponges, the fish and all those urchin!

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Stay Salty,

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