1 Month in Dominica

Humid, muggy, the fat caribbean rain falling on and off while the clouds descend and coat the sky, then almost magically disappear to let the sun shine at full blast. That’s our weather report for the day, and most days during the rainy / hurricane season. It’s Friday July 8th, we’ve been here one month, and I almost can’t believe it. I feel both totally at home, and as though we’ve just arrived. We have accomplished so much, yet still have so much to do before we can really say we are ‘home’. Every time I think the mosquitos have had enough of me, I wake up pocked with their bites and the inflammation and redness that comes with. Thanks to a friend we finally got our hands on calamine spray, benedryl gel, and other anti itch remedies which I slathered myself in last night which made me look like I played paintball with pepto-bismol filled balls. Today we paid our first utility bill, and Richard renewed his driver’s license, this time for 3 months, which seemed fitting since we pulled up to the Police Station in Portsmouth in our very own car! We picked up tanks so that we can start the in-water portion of Richard’s SCUBA lessons this weekend. Of course we are going to Toucari so he can finally see the sites from a new vantage point, and see where I will be teaching primarily once we’ve opened our business.

I don’t usually like to speak about things until they are happening, until all the mechanics are in motion, and the ‘thing’ is not just a promise or an idea. You may have noticed how I wrote about my interview at the dive shop but didn’t say anything about getting the job until after I had started teaching. I don’t know if it’s superstition or just the idea that so many people these days claim accomplishments before they have actually happened. But I do want to say that we’ve been making huge strides with our land purchase and with a solution for how we can get the dive portion of the business running while we build our home, retreat & eatery on our acre of land. Our plans have changed a bit since we arrived on island, but I think it’s for the best, and if everything keeps going in this direction it will save us money, and get us up and running faster, so please send all your good vibes to us as we finalize paperwork and a side business deal! I really can’t wait to lay it all out for you once it’s already happening.

I can give you all a little hint, we are currently in the market for a shipping container / cargo container 20-40 feet, since they seem to be readily available on the island, and are secure structures which are fairly easy to modify. Once we purchase this container our timeline to open up the SCUBA part of S.A.L.T should be just a few months to get all the necessary gear and equipment to the island.

In other news, our internet has been out at the house for 2 days, and we are currently waiting on the technician from a new internet company to come by and set up better internet! Normally this wouldn’t have bothered me, but since we are so close to finalizing all these deals we need to stay connected to wifi. So I write this blog having no idea when it will actually go live, perhaps later today, perhaps … it’s the island and island time is a fickle thing, you may as well throw out your clock and definitely never ask anyone when to expect something to be done.

HOORAY – we’ve got internet, and it’s better than ever, which means we will be able to update even more often with news on our adventures in international relocation, starting the business of your dreams, and transition from city life to island life!

Stay Salty

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