Land & Sea

On nights I am teaching I try to be in bed early and get a solid 8 hours of sleep before my internal clock wakes me at 6:30am. But of course, there will inevitably be occasions where going to sleep early just isn’t an option. Monday night was one of those occasions. It was our buddy Eaon’s birthday, and we had to join the fun! He is a SCUBA instructor who shares the same vim for the lifestyle, the spouse of a Ross University professor, who has been on island about 8 years now. We met a lot of new people and got to spend time with other’s we had met recently, some locals from Toucari and Portsmouth, as well as some Ross University staff and students. It was a reminder of how great it is to get together with likeminded people, good hearted people, who ground us in reality and make us feel even more at home. We hang out drinking rum, eating cake and dancing at Sisters Beach Bar, then took the party in the rain to Champs, up on the hill overlooking PRB (Prince Rupert Bay), for karaoke night. We laughed, listened to the most country music we’ve ever listened to thanks to homesick Ross students, and our local friends who knew all the words to these twangy songs I had never heard of. I couldn’t leave early just to go to sleep, I knew if I had headed home I would have stayed up thinking about how much fun I was having, and the experience I was denying myself. I don’t normally fear missing out on things, I’d like to assume that is usually due to a good judgement call, otherwise I would probably be participating. But since we are on an adventure, and that adventure is about us, not necessarily about the current, temporary work I am doing, I decided to stay and hang out. I spent time getting to know new people, and just have a good time, drinking coconut water instead of alcohol enjoying and absorbing every moment. Once we were on our way home Rich and I agreed wholeheartedly, we felt grateful to have met such wonderful people & began friendships based on open minds, mutual interests, or just the right vibes.

While I was in the ocean with this weeks students, Richard was in Toucari with the surveyor to finally mark our land! When he came to pick me up his legs, from the tops of his hiking socks to the bottom of his dickies, were flecked with mud looking like he had done some trekking in the bush! He was glowing, with sweat which smelled like last night’s rum, he couldn’t hold back his smile or excitement about finally being able to really see the true lay of OUR land! He recounted his hours in the 92 degree heat supervising and walking alongside the surveyors as they cut through some brush to access, map and demarcate the acre we are purchasing. We will finally be signing the paperwork for this hilltop paradise in Toucari that we’ve been eyeing since December. This is one of those huge wins, when you can actually SEE the progress you are making, marked out with sticks in the dirt and cut back bush, and what a thrill it is!

Tomorrow after I finish with my open water students for the day, Richard and I will be going to take a walk of the full acre of land, and take video of the property to share with you all, and to show our builders / contractor since we are chomping at the bit to get started building as soon as the ink has dried on the paperwork making us the official owners!

In an effort to get these last 2 blogs live in ‘real time’ while also diving all day, taking care of myself and my US business, the blogs haven’t had photos but I hope to be able to update these blogs soon showing you what we’ve been up to! For more photo updates don’t forget to follow INSTAGRAM,  TWITTER and my ‘personal’ TWITTER.

We really hope you are enjoying hearing about our story, bits of our history, and our adventure and progress as we build our dream life, and business here in the Commonwealth of Dominica. Feel free to contact us with any questions or reply to the blogs in the comment section!

Can’t wait to update you all with videos of our land and more information on our diver operation by the sea!!! Peace & Love


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