The Sun

Every morning I rise with the sun, it’s hard not to when the sky is bright and everything reflects that light into your open windows. And each evening I find myself winding down right along with the sunset. It’s a great time to reflect on the day, and enjoy the sun without the tremendous heat. As I watch the sun make its descent to the horizon, I sip a beer or hot spiced coffee and try to calm my busy mind. From sun rise to sunset my mind has to prioritize between our future on this island, our business, our home, our current living situation, my current job, all the work we need to do, and all that we’ve done while actively participating, consciously living, and giving each their due. So when I can take a moment to appreciate my surroundings when the sun just begins to kiss it good morning or good night, I do, I fully immerse myself in the moment.

When I am off at Cabrits National Park, teaching SCUBA, it’s easy to put everything out of my mind and get to work on that thing I love, educating, instructing, watching that ‘a-ha” moment happen again and again. Then I get home and I relish the opportunity to shower Richard with love and attention, and appreciation. My shower after work tends to be the time to rinse off the sea, and start the second part of my day. Then time to catch up on ‘work’, stuff for our home, stuff for our land, our resident status etc before I finally take myself outside, with a book, or some music, or just myself and my coffee or beer. I enjoy the feeling of the restless rainforest, where certain birds are making the most of the final hour of light, and bats are ready to spread their wings and fly. I love being a part of it, up here, over the sea.Tonight there is a fire down below me, the sound of a chainsaw cuts through the low and constant hum of chirps and tweets, a goat, their kids, a neighbor’s dog and back to that buzz, tick, peep peep peep. I am being smoked out by the mosquito coil I don’t think has helped one bit, but we keep buying them hoping for the best. The coffee tonight is local coffee with the addition of a ‘dirty chai’ teabag sent by my best friend from Las Vegas. Sweat pools on my upper lip, and drips from behind my knees and elbows, but I keep sipping on the hot spiced liquid. The water looks like silver and I am grateful for the opportunity to experience and enjoy the beauty that lies beneath that silver. This outdoor living space keeps me sane, it helps me to experience the true beauty of this island each and every day, give thanks for this experience and the rise of the sun each morning. I’ll keep this short so I can go back to my coffee and this sunset, before I go inside to cook dinner for Richard and myself.

I hope you guys have been enjoying our story, our blogs, and joining us on our adventure. We have a lot more information coming up about our land, our business plans, our mission and much more! Keep and eye on the page and subscribe now for updates!

Stay Salty
Kayla & Richard

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