Batibou Beach

Yesterday the sun was shining and the vibes were right completely the opposite of today’s gloom, so Rich and I decided to go explore a beach we had yet to visit. Each trip we made to Dominica we said we would visit Batibou Beach, but one of our absolute favorite beaches, Number One Beach, is right around the corner so we always ended up sticking with what we know and love rather than checking out Batibou. Well, we wouldn’t let that happen this time, we were on a mission to visit and enjoy Batibou Beach.
We knew upon arrival we could park along the road near the entrance or we could attempt the drive down to the actual beach which like the road to Number One Beach can be washed away in areas resulting in impassable mud puddles or a slip’n’slide of leaves. We decided to leave our car by the road like we usually do at Number One Beach and take a leisurely walk. The walk down to Batibou is meandering and the grades are not as steep at on the road to Number One, at least not until the end. The majority of the walk is in the jungle until you find yourself overlooking Batibou Beach and several cliffside villages that speckle the north coast. The water is turquoise with splashing waves onto nearly white sand. The beach is bordered by tall fruitful palm trees and the surrounding jungle every imaginable shade of green bouncing off the red rocks that make up the western wall of this cove. You could probably just hang out here if you could possibly resist the call of those waves crashing on the shore below.

batibou-beach-4We completed the walk down to the beach where two security guys were dozing on a picnic table. They instructed us to visit the beach bar to pay the 13 EC ($5 US) per person fee. Since all beaches in Dominica are supposed to be publicly accessible (presumptively without a fee) I’m not sure what that’s all about but it is worth every penny. We paid and trotted off down the beach to find a sunny spot in the sand and as much privacy as we could get. There were only about 4 other people aside from the people working and the wide open beach made it feel like they were a million miles away once we set up our blanket at the western end of the beach. We dropped our bag and clothing before running into the water. The light danced through the surface of the ocean creating blue ripples on the sand, the water is cooler in the north especially this time of year, but in comparison to the hot day we were having it was refreshing and we were grateful.


batibou-beach-5I brought some fruit and a sandwich along with a big bottle of water, perfect for a trip to the beach, so between splashing about in the water we laid on our blanket nibbling and taking in our surroundings. We let the sun and salt soak into our skin until we started to crave a visit to Rainbow Beach Restaurant. We were definitely well prepared for our introductory trip to Batibou, but next time we will come to stay for more than a few hours. I will make sure to bring a few things next time, most of all our hammock (which was in the car) because this place was made for setting up and swinging on a hammock with such perfectly placed palm trees! I’d probably bring my little bluetooth speaker to play some music and my kindle once I’ve recharged it!

I could definitely spend all day there laying back in the trees, swimming in the sea, and salt curing in the sand! This beach is definitely one of the most beautiful on the island and one that will become a regular stop for us on our trips to the North, especially with our future guests!

Stay Salty

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