Black Out

Last night we had a power outage, our first in a while, and it was fabulous. We were in the middle of watching The Bag Man, when all of a sudden the TV, lights and fan all went off and we were thrust into darkness. Before we settled into it we shuffled outside onto the balcony to look out on our blackened neighborhood, hunting for the closest working electricity. It didn’t take long standing out there to watch people from Glanvillia get into their cars and take off into the night to find somewhere with lights or maybe candles. We watched the twinkling of the boat lights out on Prince Rupert Bay, the lights of the snackers and rum shacks in Portsmouth and then we saw it, the only building in Glanvillia with light, from a generator of course, Safari Apartments.

After finding our way back inside the soft glow from the moon outside was more than enough for us to find our phones, then lighters than the candles we have hidden strategically around the house. Tapered candles went into the tops of rum bottles, our oil burner was lit and the scent of citronella, eucalyptus and peppermint was cast into the air. For a moment I fiddled with batteries trying to find the correct match for our lantern and small camping lights, before realizing we had enough light from the candles. The next step was to pull out the Scrabble and boil some water for hot chocolate!

black-out-2What kind of power outage would it be if a cozy drink and a board game aren’t involved. It was serendipitous really, I had just been thinking about how wonderful a scrabble night would be and had even suggested to Rich during the movie that we should invite some of our friends over for scrabble / game night. Surrounded by glowing rum bottles we set out to play our game. There was some grumbling, angry letter picks, and a slow start of four letter words until it all picked up and we traded off stealing coveted spots, and adding high point words to our respective columns. In the end neither of us were confident that we won, so it was a surprise that when Rich finished his letters first and took my extra 2 points I still won by 9!

If you couldn’t tell already, Scrabble is a highly competitive ‘sport’ in our household and it has been a staple of family life since I was a child. I’m sure my parents would tell you a similar story of whipping out the scrabble board for a game if you asked about the last black out they experienced.


While we played I turned on my international data roaming so I could make sure we were reachable for those that don’t know they can text us. Jessalyn and Scott informed us that their power was out as well, and had some questions about the outages here, how long do they last, what do we do about the fridge, stuff like that. To which we replied that the power can go out from a few minutes to a whole night, sometimes it helps to call the power company, sometimes it’s best not to worry and just let the power company figure it out. We told them to keep their fridge closed and if they needed anything from it, to just find it elsewhere or go first time the power went out for us here was during the day, mid summer, when it was so hot and sticky we almost wanted to cry when the whirr of the fans stopped. There was no warning, no rain, just no power. At the time we took it to be one of those things we would be in for living in Dominica, and we figured getting used to losing power, water or internet without warning was for the best. Until we had our water storage tank, we lost water a lot more often than we lost power. I could probably count the black outs / brown outs we’ve experienced in 7 months on one hand while the number of times we came home to no water after a dive, sea bath or just a long hot day in Roseau is too many to keep track of. Obviously we had something done about the water rather quickly, but here generators are far more difficult to get on island than water tanks so not many people have a back up when the electric goes out.

We have no problem being left in the dark, but it does make us think about SALT, will our guests be okay with the candles / lanterns in their rooms, with the solar lights we put up and down walk ways and on the decks, or will they be jealous if only our refrigerator and freezers are running off back up generators, wondering why they have no power but the appliances do. I guess these are things we will figure out, and our guests will figure out when we open and as we grow.

Who knows, maybe our guests will fancy a rousing game of scrabble just like we do!

Stay Salty ~ Kayla

One thought on “Black Out

  1. drewkiercey says:

    Blackouts are always fun. Whenever we have hurricanes here the first 2-3 days are always amazing. You learn to reconnect with your family and your self in some ways because there is less tech. distraction. Board games are life savers. BUT after those 3 days you want to kill yourself. Seriously.

    — Blessings


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