demaI’m back from DEMA and finally able to sit down and think about my experience. All in all it was a bit rushed, since my original flight on LIAT was cancelled and my arrival delayed by a full day, and then some. I missed my day of errands and had to make up for it on the back end of my trip. This also caused a shift in my schedule, everything was a day behind including getting to DEMA! Shortly after I arrived at the convention center, one of my IDC candidates from Rainbow Reef popped up to say hello, then I raced the halls making appointments for that day and later in the week with the Caribbean rep for each of the manufacturers I was interested in speaking with and of course my PADI reps. I hunted down Course Directors, former students, and long lost dive buddies all over the show until my bag was overstuffed with catalogs, information and swag. Each day after my first was packed with meetings, playing with new gear, and doing calculations in my head for what we will need and what it will cost.

My favorite meeting was definitely with my PADI reps Kristen & Nick especially because it was punctuated by a visit from my favorite Instructor Examiner (my former course director) Ross. Catching them all up on our progress, what we’ve been up to on the island, and what our plans were during and after DEMA really made me feel confident in our decisions and planning. It’s great to have cheerleaders on your side who can help you accomplish your dreams.

DEMA was also a great opportunity to meet dive professionals who travel with groups, to share with them our plan on Dominica and get them excited about coming to visit once we are open for business. Of course there is a lot to do before we can get to that point, it’s terrifying, yet just the kind of challenge that gets me going.

Anyway, I know I am supremely behind on blogs, but it’s because I’ve been SUPER sick since I returned home from Las Vegas and am just beginning to feel human again! Soon enough this blog will be pulsing with photos, videos and stories from our recent adventures like it has for the past 6 months. Sit tight folks, we will be here a while!

Stay Salty

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