Douglas Bay Deep & Daycare

On this one day I took 2 great dives with my newly advanced open water diver. The first a deep dive at Douglas Bay Deep, it was so beautiful I had Rich take a drive back to the house during our surface interval to pick up the Go Pro so I could take video on our second dive! We hung out in the water, and sat out on a grassy patch above the sand while waiting for Rich’s return. We spoke about the beautiful dive, her impression of Dominica, and our other travels. Once Rich returned, we swapped out gear and I set up the Go Pro. We walked into the water and swam out to the mooring which indicates Daycare. This site is shallow, very well lit, colorful and so full of life it looks like an aquarium. It’s a great place to do an hour long dive whether you like to hover in one spot and let the world move around you, or loop the reef over and over. We had an amazing dive and luckily most of it was captured in this video!
Stay Salty,
Watch the video HERE

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