Holidays on Dominica

holidays-on-dominica-1It’s official, our first island Chanukah / Christmas in the books and it’s been great. We aren’t a religious family, but we like keeping and creating traditions. But since the world ‘takes a day off’ for Christmas, we like to take the holiday season to reflect on what matters most to us, and the love we share with our family and friends. In the past we’ve spent Christmas with my family, Richard’s family, or our friends. Last year we hosted some friends over for a Christmas feast, complete with extravagant wine, cheese, and home cooked dishes filled with love. In many ways it was different from this year, but in a few key ways, it was rather similar.

So, what did we do? Well, we were invited to spend Christmas with friends at Sister’s Beach Bar for an expat pot-luck! So the first night of Chanukah / Christmas Eve, is when we started prepping for the potluck, but we also decided to flip flop some traditions. The NY/LA Jewish tradition of eating Chinese food on Christmas is something I only experienced a few times but always loved the idea. Since we knew that Rich was going to prepare potato latkes for the Christmas pot luck it seemed only fair that we ate Chinese food on the first night of Chanukah / Christmas Eve ! So that night we ordered a meal from Golden Dragon which is right down the street from us, watched Hook, and I prepped for my potluck dishes; 1 vegan & 1 vegetarian tian style ratatouille.

holidays-on-dominica-2I woke up early Christmas morning to assemble and bake my dishes then handed the kitchen over to Rich to make his latkes. I put high heels on for the first time since we moved to Dominica, since this island isn’t really meant for heels. We dressed up in our holiday best, considering the weather was about 85 degrees and quite sunny, even during one of the quick downpours, and drove down to Sisters which is luckily only a few minutes down the road. We arrived to find a lot of the people we have come to know and love over the last six months including some of our newest friends Jessalyn & Scott who just moved here a month ago. We put our dishes down on the buffet table among a plethora of other phenomenal food. Rich went wild for the ham & lamb dishes, the first time he had eaten either on the island. Lucky for me Jessalyn made vegan and vegetarian empanadas that were absolutely delectable, and of course I couldn’t get enough of Rich’s latkes, and my own dishes.

holidays-on-dominica-3We drank rum cocktails & beer, were introduced to the few people attending that we didn’t know, and carried on great conversations and caught up with some of our favorite people we don’t see often enough like George and Cindy from JC Ocean Adventures. We watched our friend Nancy paddle board before sunset, and I kicked off my heels long enough to dig my toes into the sand and let the water splash up my legs.


By the time we left all the food was polished off, every serving bowl and dish was empty which made packing up easy. People trickled out after it became dark, and then we mourned the passing of George Michael with a few of his songs and some singing & dancing. Finally it was our time to leave and drive Jessalyn and Scott home and we had returned home to drink more spiced spiked cider and cuddle.We hope your Holidays or Winter Season is full of warmth, full of love and good health, from our island family to yours
Stay Salty
Kayla & Richholidays-on-dominica-5

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