Sunday Funday

At around 10 am with a grey sky Rich and I headed off to Cabrits National Park. Of course it’s nice to dive when it’s sunny, but being that it’s an underwater sport, it isn’t something you have to cancel for a chance of showers. In fact, I’ve done many dives on spotty or downright rainy days. I figured the visibility wouldn’t be the best but it would still beat the average visibility and water temp that I used to deal with in California! Rich has been spoiled with great visibility, so it’s about time he paid his dues with a low viz day, or so I thought. But as usual once we got down below 10 feet or so, it cleared up for the most part and left just a little debris in the water deeper than 25ft. I brought a surface marker buoy to make sure anyone on the water above knew we were down below and I finally brought my Go Pro on the dive with us! It was great to play around with it, and get video of Richard on SCUBA, not to mention it helped us document fish for later identification. I am so glad we did because in the video we noticed a few fish we hadn’t actually seen during the dive and were able to identify fish I had never seen before like the Glass Eye Snapper & Black Durgon.

I couldn’t be happier to finally be diving with Rich, especially when I do a minimum of 4 ‘working’ dives a week, it feels like heaven to have fun dive time with my partner. There was a long time when SCUBA was ‘my thing’ and he felt he wanted to give me the space to enjoy fun dives without worrying about his novice status. Now that he is certified he is really an incredible diver, and getting better with every dive! Next on his list is Advanced certification, which will take 5 dives – Deep Dive, Navigation Dive, Night Dive, Peak Performance Buoyancy Dive and Underwater Videography Dive! Advanced Diver is one of my favorite PADI courses to teach because it’s all in ‘Open Water’ and you really get to see divers finding themselves underwater & enhancing their skills, not to mention it’s ALL FUN!I hope you enjoy taking a peek under the sea, joining us on this dive, I can promise there will be a lot more videos like this coming, especially since I’ve only got 1 more week of teaching at Cabrits National Park!

We can’t wait to invite divers to come join us under water once we are open for business!

Peace, Love & Bubbles

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