Turtle at Toucari

Before my guest departed she wanted one last dive, so we went up to Toucari to visit my favorite reef – the “Back Wall” starting just past Tube Reef. We took a nice surface swim out and I thought my GoPro had died so I put it in the pocket of my BCD and was excited to just have a lovely dive on this beautiful deep wall. We dropped in and headed south east, passing large barrel sponges, schools of brightly colored fish, and just as we neared 100 ft and were about to head up the wall I spotted a large hawksbill turtle just hanging out on the bottom. We hung out watching it for a while (as long as our computers would allow) and surprisingly it let us get so close. I decided to check on my camera and see if there was any chance it could capture some of this amazing experience, and somehow the turtle stayed still as I shot video. Somehow I was able to capture the turtle as well as the remainder of the dive, but nothing quite compares to the awe and wonderment from seeing a turtle especially one so large that will let you get close enough to really get a good look at! I hope you enjoy experiencing part of our dive through this video!


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