Welcome 2017

Happy New Year! I know there are mixed feeling’s around the world about 2016, but for us it has been a great year over all. From our marriage in February 2016, and my 30th birthday, to our big move to Dominica and making a land purchase, our year was full of highlights. We are love sharing our journey with our friends, family and the community at large, thank you for joining us!
We finished off our 2016 the best way we knew how, a night dive with friends! It was magical. We swam out in near pitch black, the moon just a sliver in a sky. Small raindrops fell while we kicked our way to Daycare, the same shallow dive site Richard did his first night dive. We descended into the darkness, the water clear and daycare felt more like a slumber party burrfish, porcupine fish, stingrays, squid and eels wide awake and active. Using black lights we could see the iridescence in the anemones, coral, even some of the fish and it created a completely new experience for me. Even as a Night Specialty Instructor I’ve never used those lights before or had the experience seeing such crazy neons underwater. I can’t wait to get some of my own and share the experience with our guests and visiting divers! After about 40 minutes we ascended and swam back in to dry off and pop a bottle of champagne, to celebrate new friendship & a new year, full of dives we all hope!

welcome-2017-2We intended to go to the beach before midnight for a bon fire, but after a warm shower and hot meal we got cozy at home and snuggled up to count down the last moments of the year in our little home with the kitties. It was exactly the kind of relaxing transition into the new year I needed! I feel ready to take on all the projects we will undertake in 2017 from our podcast to our home to SALT Dominica.

Stay Salty
Kayla & Rich

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