Our Salty Update

Since I’ve been slacking on updates while moving the blog to a new platform I figured I would give you a quick update on a little bit of everything then come back with individual posts on the coolest adventures & most important updates. I can’t wait to share this new year with you all!

Our Salty Garden

  • New Sprouts in the garden include ; Radishes, Early Straight Neck Squash, Patty Pan Squash, Rainbow Chard, Kale, Eggplant, Borage, Blue Lake Bush Beans, Cilantro, Parsley, Basil (italian & lemon) along with several tomato varieties including azoychka, chocolate stripe, yellow pear & chadwick cherries
  • Our San Marzano tomatoes are still producing, and the first of our basil has gone to seed
  • 7 happy healthy pak choi I’ve been cutting from should last us a while.
  • 2 serrano pepper plants (they are still filling out and growing)

Our Salty Kitchen

  • We’ve been baking sourdough! Keeping a starter is definitely a job, but one we love, and fresh baked sourdough is so damn good!
  • Rich has been working on recipes with our homegrown and locally sourced ingredients and is contemplating dishes to sell by the shacks to Ross University Students & employees until we have our official kitchen open.


Our Salty Business

  • Our business SALT is 3 components and 3 businesses in 1. SALT is a retreat, an eatery and dive/education center. We are working hard to bring to life each part of this business, and they are all at totally different stages, but we will be posting blogs about the progress of each individually as there are more developments
  • We will be accepting applications for work/stay travelers very soon! Starting with skilled (licensed in their home state) laborers – builders, carpenters, masons, etc to help us build cabins, furniture, outdoor bathroom. Eventually we will open up the offer to anyone but people with the following skills will take priority ; homesteading / permaculture, marketing, crowd funding, photo/video. The application will have it’s own page on our website.

Our Salty Dives

  • We’ve been enjoying our dives as always and finally out on the JC Ocean Adventures boat so Rich was able to do his first official Giant Stride entries!
  • Rich will be updating his Diveary soon with all his recent dives!
  • Kayla will be at Beach Bash Monday helping out Ynoga Dive / Island Dive Ops show people how awesome scuba is!

Our Salty House

  • We’ve been waiting for what seems like forever for the last step of our pre-planning process to be complete. We’ve been waiting 2 months for a stamp, then we can finally submit our plans for approval. Keep your fingers crossed for us!


Kayla & Rich

2 thoughts on “Our Salty Update

  1. advisordeb says:

    For the love of God…..She even makes her own bread and it is sourdough….. well assuming Kayla made it and if not that sounds really bad on my part huh? Assuming that the female is going to make bread LOL ….. ADD …….. the bread looks perfect nice job!!


  2. advisordeb says:

    Have you guys seen the documentary “Plastic Paradise?” I watched it today on accident, yes seriously. I was trying to watch “No Impact Man” for one of my classes and hit play on the wrong one but my God that was eye opening. I think you all would like it if you have not already seen it, came out in 2013 (ish). I am in the Forestry program at CSU (well actually I am at the community college in a Natural Resource management program for a semester than I am transferring to CSU, this Spring). I was about 1/2 year from a Doctorate degree in Finance but literally hated it, my doc study chair was … hmm well I think he hit his head like one too many times. I started the DBA journey about 1 year before I retired from the military and yeah I was in the DocStudy so I had about 1/2 year maybe a bit more but that was not my passion, I worked in logistics in the military so logistics and finance I’ve done em’ both and I figured I would just get a nice cush job, holy God I would rather listen to politicians talk about themselves for 48 hours straight than to ever work in finance again so I figured I would do what I loved and yep that is my life in a nutshell. Are you guys going to do any conservation work? I thought I read something about that on your blog but regardless it is 130am I have 3 computers open on the table (seriously 2 MACs and 1 PC) so I can work on GIS (Mapping), Forestry on the second and on the third a movie or whatever, I have to have noise in the background to focus but first I wanted to mention that documentary to you guys and say Hello: )!!! Mission Accomplished!

    Oh did you figure out a way to keep the birds out of your tomato plants (I think it was your tomato plants)? I got a guy who knows a guy that might be able….. no I am just kidding : ) I was just curious if you came up with anything)…I just threw a bird net over the cherry tree in my front yard, I got what I needed and took the net off for the birds, squirrels etc to come over and eat up : )!!

    I like this blog format better than your old one by the way: )!! Nice to see you guys writing about your adventures and your business (house) etc., pretty exciting times for you all huh?!


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