We’re on a boat

Good Morning Salty Passports!

Since we last updated the blog my father has been in town which means we are ‘taking a vacation’ from all things serious and important to have some fun, and show him a different side of the island. I can only imagine as long as we live here my parents will make many trips and get to see the island from many perspectives.

Yesterday we had the opportunity to take my dad out sailing. Our friend Koop had put together a little boating adventure for a group of friends. At 9:30 in the morning the eight of us, carrying bags of booze and snacks, gathered on the beach by Sisters Restaurant excited to get out on the water. The sun was out and a few rainy days it was quite spectacular. After two trips of the dinghy we were all on board and ready to lift the anchor and set sail, and then the rain started. It was a quick downpour that didn’t quite soak us, but had each of us swiveling our heads trying to figure out if we would be battered with more rain or if the sky would clear up for our sail. Luckily after that first pass of rain there would be no more. The sky would be clear as we skirted the coast, the water a stunning crystal clear, cerulean blue.

prince-rupertPrince Rupert Bay is massive and as we worked our way up the coast, passing the humps of Cabrits National Park, we could compare it side by side to the smaller Douglas Bay, and our tiny Toucari Bay. When you see them all at once it’s almost hard to distinguish Toucari as a bay, especially since it was shrouded in clouds. We headed for the tip of the island where the swells would become larger as the Atlantic Ocean churns trying to overtake the Caribbean Sea. At this point Rich was feeling a little seasick so he just laid under the shade of the sail and concentrated on the cool breeze. My father was bouncing all over the boat from the sun to the shade in and out of conversations. The boat rolled along, music played, and new friends were made.


Finally we made a turn back to the softer protected seas of the west coast where we tucked ourselves in to Toucari Bay to take a dip. The 4 mermaids (clockwise from top:Me, Jennifer, Ashley and Laura) jumped right in and created a little chat circle while my dad, Rich and Koop hung out on the boat and our new friend from the Peace Corps swam closer to the reef for a little snorkel!


Though Toucari was still under cloud cover, we could see straight to the bottom of the seabed while we tread/floated in formation. It was unusual to be out in Toucari Bay on and around a boat but not diving or headed to the beach or our land! Laura and I mused about our future as neighbors and the woes of planning and building, since she is about to move into her newly built home that overlooks Toucari Bay and we are still scratching away on the groundwork.

When we left Toucari each of us salty and sun drenched I wished it could last forever. But all good things must come to an end and Prince Rupert Bay wasn’t all that far away. The music turned way up for the last push home, and we danced and sang without a care in the world. Finally the adventure came to an end when the anchor dropped and the dinghy was filled up for the first of two trips back to the shore.

kayla drives 1.jpg

All in all we had a beautiful day on the water with some salty souls, and I hope to enjoy many more days like this. If you are coming to Dominica and want to experience the Sophia K you can find out more information and book charters at SAIL WITH SOPHIA .

And if you are interested in hearing stories from our Peace Corps friend about his experiences on Dominica check out his blog HERE. Of course he wrote about our sailing adventure too!






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