number one beach river dominicaSometimes you just have to get away, and what better excuse than a first wedding anniversary? Rich and I planned ourselves a little stay-cation on the east coast of the island at Pagua Bay House in honor of our 9th anniversary of being together and 1st anniversary as husband and wife. Feb 16th we woke up and tended to the kitties, setting them up for success while we left them for their first night alone since moving here. We set out on a road well traveled, ready to plant ourselves on a beach, by a river, the ocean or both and about 30 minutes later we arrived at Number One Beach where we walked down to the river at the far side of the beach and made a nest for ourselves. We were the only ones on the beach, so we played on a fallen tree like it was a jungle gym and swam in the river while watching waves collapse on the black sand beach. Below is one of the cold turquoise river pools that changes shape and depth each time we visit.

number one beach dominica river ocean

As much as we could have stayed all day we were looking forward to the food, pool, massages and quiet oceanside evening at Pagua Bay so we packed up our back and walked back to our car. The ride to Pagua Bay from Number One beach is about 45 minutes away, passed the airport down the Atlantic coast just a bit. Upon arrival we each drank their coconut rum punch one of my favorite guilty pleasures and we sat in the pool waiting for our room to be ready.

kayla at number one beach dominica

A bottle of champagne greeted us in the ocean view cabana, a gift from my parents “Happy 1st & 9th” the note read. We dropped our things in the room and went back up to the restaurant where we ordered a salad and ceviche, just enough to tide us over until our decadent dinner that night. We showered, poured ourselves 2 glasses of champagne and sat overlooking the ocean until our massage therapists had finished setting up the massage tables in our room. Another gift from my parents; in room couples massage! We could hear the waves crashing as we were rubbed into a lull, happily melting under firm pressure and the scent of grapefruit oil. I didn’t want it to end, but who is ever ready to finish a massage?! Once they packed up we picked up our glasses, poured some more champagne and took up our posts on the deck chairs looking out at sea.


Dinner was at 8pm and by that time we were bubbly with champagne and hungry for the ultimate feast. This wasn’t our first time eating at Pagua Bay and our bellies are happy to say we have enjoyed many lunches and dinners here before so we were confident in the order we placed in advance. Rich had the goat tacos and we shared a lobster and coconut curry vegetables. It was heaven and a real indulgence for both of us. We talked about what we loved most about our first year of marriage and both of us agreed diving together has been such an incredibly rewarding experience on so many levels.

champagne dominica

We couldn’t even think about ordering dessert, and we even had to take some of the food back to our room, but that didn’t stop us from drinking more champagne! The sounds of the night were different than what we are used to here. We could hear the ocean all night, long loud waves reminding us that the Atlantic never sleeps. If we thought driving to the other side of the island would spare us from waking to the sounds of meowing fur babies we were so wrong. The resident cats of Pagua Bay had seemed to collect under our cabana during the rain and yowled just like Dexter and Pierre throughout the night.

Thanks to the near blackout conditions when the shutters are closed Rich was able to sleep in while I sipped on their complementary coffee while watching the sun fighting through the clouds and reading A Year in Provence. Once Rich was up it was time to take off, back to our kitties and temporary home in Glanvillia. It was nice to ‘get away’ even if for just 24 hours, it’s a start to being able to take time away from work or planning to really just celebrate life and us more than a few hours at a time while we build this dream life.  When we arrived home we decided to keep the phones off and emails unchecked until the next day, snuggle up and spend just one more day without thinking about all the things we have to do, one day without logistics, churning ideas, emails/texts/calls, government officials, contractors, even thinking about the future. We focused on whatever we were doing together, for just these days, we held on to the present and were mindful, taking stock of exactly what we have, the love we share and how grateful we are to be where we are experiencing this live together.

Stay Salty


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