Best Laid Plans

“Best laid plans …” I mutter it to myself all the time. So many days we throw our hands up and throw our plans out the window. It should come to no surprise to us when tasks cannot be completed on the first trip to Roseau, or a specific office. We should know by now we will do it wrong, follow bad directions, and get confused along the way only to stumble upon the correct order in which to do things later on. Today’s trip to town will turn into another trip tomorrow since due to afternoon traffic, lunch break and a huge cruise ship at dock parking was almost impossible to find and we only completed one of several tasks we set out to take care of. I don’t know why we even tried today, the weather was miserable, and we got off to a late start. Everyone should know the only way to get things done in Roseau is to be the first in any office on a given day and today we were definitely not first.

Now after my little rant about town and how we never get things done, let me tell you what we did accomplish today – REGISTERING OUR BUSINESS NAMES! Finally!

I wish someone had told us to do this first, as soon as we got here. If we had done so, we would have learned that we need a work permit not residence permit and we would have had those already as well. We could have purchased our land under our business name and saved ourselves some money and taxes but what did we know? No amount of asking would have yielded anything different than the information we came here with. Trust me, I called all the same offices when I was still in the US. There is just something about being here, going through the motions, and nearly losing your mind to somehow get the correct information you need to follow your dream through to a completed life goal.

Now we know, so we are sharing this tip with you; if you plan to open a business on Dominica, register your business as soon as you land, apply for your tax ID from inland revenue, and apply for your work permits so you can work at your own business, and others too. We asked several government offices what the correct order of things is to start a business on Dominica. We were told to speak with Discover Dominica, then told we need to speak with Invest Dominica, then told we need residence permits, so many other leads in the wrong direction, none of these things were the right way to get anything done except run around in circles. So don’t get lost in a never ending maze. Start with a name, and everything makes much more sense from there.

When we completed the paperwork and payment to register our 2 business names we realized that Rich is due for another extension of stay on his passport, while mine is due for another in a few weeks, so we headed over to the immigration office. By the time it was Rich’s turn, the immigration officer had left for lunch and wouldn’t be back for nearly 2 hours. So instead of sitting around, attempting to park somewhere else, or going for our own lunch we made plans to return tomorrow. We will go into town, take care of Richard’s immigration status first and find out what we need for our work permit application, then make our rounds to Inland Revenue, FedEx, the pharmacy.

We feel much more official, and there is a weight of confusion that’s been lifted, at least for now. We can see the next few steps to take but I hesitate to call it a plan. You know what they say about plans … they often go awry.


Stay Salty


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