Planning Progress Report!

If you’ve been following along on our adventure for some time, or you’ve been catching up quickly you might notice a theme I have of not revealing where we are in projects until we’ve actually made substantial progress. It’s hard to track progress when its so subjective, it’s like being excited about carving out a cog only to have 20 more to carve, and assemble before anything resembles a completed project to the outside world. The latest cog we’ve carved is our house plans! After almost a year of designing our island home and the kitchen that will be home to the SALT eatery, we have finally submitted the plans to Dominica’s Planning Division! It’s not like we have approval yet, and the process might take 4 months or more, but don’t let me rain on my own parade, this is Dominica after all and if you aren’t still marching on through the rain, you probably shouldn’t be here!

So Richard and I are thrilled to at least have the headache of pre-planning off the table and now we can move on to more pressing matters like hiring builders, an electrician, someone to assist Rich with the plumbing and start sourcing materials. All this means we can start excavating, working on the septic and drainage systems, build an outdoor shower and toilet all while I travel back and forth to other islands helping to teach PADI scuba instructor candidates and learning how to be the best teacher I can be. I can’t let the to do list before me take away the sheer JOY I feel for finally having the plans submitted, bringing us one step closer to our home being built, and living on our land in Toucari!

We know we’ve still got a long process ahead and really there is no telling how long it will take, so we will celebrate this win all the way to the ministry of Labor where we will be applying for our work permits next week! We will be patient while we wait for planning approval, and it will be easy because we’ve got so much else to check off that to do list we won’t have time to bother their office asking for updates.



++If you don’t know me or my sense of humor personally; we are actually thrilled, its another little win, I am also a work-a-holic and I’ve always got so many projects in the works it’s hard to tell where one starts and one ends sometimes, so there is a lot of humor in our goals, insane schedule and how contrary it is to island time and our life here. ++

2 thoughts on “Planning Progress Report!

  1. advisordeb says:

    Have you guys seen the cove or blackfish? I am a documentary freak, fan whatever you want to call it…..they were amazing with regard to whales and dolphins in captivity.


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