Salty/Waïti has teamed up with Waïti Media and together we are a force to be reckoned with! Together we always get the shot, and we’ve been going on so many fun adventures together recently which probably accounts for the lack of recent updates!

But – I’ve got some great blogs coming up for you including our experiences visiting Chaudiere pool, “Cathedral”, another splash at Syndicate Falls, trips to Toucari and the recent clean up dives we’ve been doing around the North West coast of Dominica. There were some long enjoyable nights hanging out with friends musing about the future on this island, speaking to a young Bajan (Barbadian) about his plans to move to Dominica, and figuring out how we can all help each other achieve our dreams.

Waïti Media has the same philosophy of positivity, living in the moment, creating a family of friends, all with a reverence for Dominica.

Here is a little video mash up from many of our adventures all over the island shot by me (Kayla) and Ash of Waïti Media. We will be bringing you many more videos like this and stunning pictorials from our escapades, so I hope you are excited to share these adventures with us and hopefully take part in many of them once you come to visit SALT Retreat / SALT Dive in Dominica!

Stay Salty !


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