Kayla & Richard met in Hollywood California. At the time Kayla was teaching scuba diving & managing a popular dive center in Culver City and Richard was a cook at a casual dining establishment in Pacific Palisades. They started traveling the world together, knowing that somewhere out there was the home, community and environment they’d always dreamed of. Shortly after marrying in 2016 Kayla, Rich & their cat’s Dexter and Pierre started their journey to living a sustainable life & business in Dominica, West Indies. You can follow their dives, adventures and their long journey here at Our Salty Passports or through photographs on their instagram.

A message from Kayla:

Our Salty Passports the blog is a place for us to share our experiences and feel connected to the world at large while residing on such a tiny island. We want to bring together the world wide network of not only expats but those that dream of a life different than the one they have. We want to share our trials, success and failures with a supportive group of people from all cultural backgrounds, and hopefully some that have had similar experiences or have similar goals. We will be giving you a look at what island life means to us by exploring the island from a few different perspectives as travelers, as expats, as locals. We are building a homestead and business from the ground up so bare with us on the bigger projects, we will be sharing information and progress here as well.



Kayla is a PADI IDC Staff Instructor with over 10 years of teaching experience across the USA, and in Barbados & Dominica. The author of most of our blogs, Kayla also shoots most of the photos and videos featured on Our Salty Passports. Kayla spends what little time she is above water growing her own produce, musing by the river or at the beach and working on the plans for SALT Dominica. Follow her personal instagram here.

Richard is a Chef/Cook with over 10 years experience in fine dining and casual dining establishments in Los Angeles and Las Vegas.He loves cooking up new recipes that blend local ingredients with foreign cooking styles. When he’s out of the kitchen, Rich is on his way to becoming a PADI Divemaster, and you can follow his journey from Open Water Diver to Divemaster in his diveary.